A Bit of History

The IAI Linguistic Content AG was founded in December 2014 by members of a research institute, the Institute for Applied Information Sciences (IAI).

IAI was founded in 1985 as an institute of the University of the Saarland. Its mission has been technology transfer in the area of language technology. In its 30 years of history IAI has successfully completed more than 30 research projects, funded by national as well as European research programmes. Some of the research results have been turned into applications, software products as well as services.

The research areas IAI has been specialising in comprise: Machine translation, eLearning of foreign languages, content extraction and technical documentation.

Products resulting from these research projects include the German spell and grammar checker Duden-Korrektor and CLAT (Controlled Language Authoring Technology) for technical writers. CLAT is now included in the main product of Congree Language Technologies.

Another software system that has found its way into application is AUTINDEX, a tool for content extraction and key word extraction. AUTINDEX  is mainly used by web portals that offer high quality information. 

This constitutes the long tradition which IAI Linguistic Content AG is based upon. The software tools and the expertise of the IAI researchers are the basis for more innovative applications in the area of language technology. The benefit for our customers is the driving force and the focus of our work.


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