Our Competence for Your Benefit

IAI Linguistic Content AG owns language processing tools of unique quality. They are the result of decades of linguistic research and development. Several industrial applications, especially those in the field of language control and quality assurance, but also content extraction are based on these tools.

Our tools and services provide new approaches to document processing and hold promise of enabling translators, technical writers and other linguistic services providers to work much more efficiently.

Our focus is currently on three areas:

  • General text analysis for several European languages: Lemmatisation of word forms for large document collections, compilation of vocabulary lists and determination of linguistic and statistical properties of documents.
  • Efficient terminology compilation through linguistically intelligent term extraction and evaluation of available terminologies regarding properties like correctness and consistency.
  • Content processing: Automatic indexation, key word extraction and automatic classification helps you to establish a search facility for your information portal and creates added value for your customers.

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